The smell of marijuana
Also "Sweet Perfume"
"Now the half-time air was sweet perfume", Don McLean - American Pie

"A singer in a smokey room
The smell of wine and cheap perfume" Journey - Don't stop believin'
by Sevensins420 May 9, 2009
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various odours sprayed from ones anus, directly on someones skin.leaving the wearer with a pungent butt perfume odour.
"yo Tayla, what's the scent you got on"
"its Hayley's butt perfume"
"how'd yo get that"
"are you daft? she needs to fart on you dude"
by Bigstick_69__ August 26, 2016
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The musky and mungy pungent scent of a sweaty, dirty rosebud aka anus.
Sonja enjoyed foreplay with her boyfriend Kevin. She often performed fellatio followed by analingus. She especially enjoyed giving Kevin a tossed salad this past weekend because Kevin had been doing yard work all afternoon in the hot sun and the sweat dripping down his ass crack all day had left him with a well Perfumed Rose.
by Eaton Holgoode March 26, 2014
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When my friends ex-girlfriend was taking too long to get ready to go out one night, another buddy said "What's the point? You might as well try to put perfume on a turd."
by desertcajun September 11, 2008
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A female that is wearing entirely too much perfume or fragrance to cover an unappealing scent that originates from their ass.
Oh no, what is that smell. Florence really smells like a perfumed fart today!
by mstrdstr08 March 11, 2010
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The fragrance that emanates from the crack below your back, most notably after passing wind or defacating.
"I smell something rancid.... It's probably Cherise's booty perfume. I could hear her stomach gurgling across the room."
by GasMachine May 3, 2010
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the act of a woman depositing her scent on another person close enough for them to smell; aka a girlie facial
"that fucker kept using his teeth so I perfume jumped all over his face. take that asshole!"
by atillathehoney February 22, 2008
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