Something that has been searched for by men everywhere since the beginning of time (aka: the internet)
We men scope and grope day after day, but still haven't found the legendary "perfect ass"
Guy: "Aha! I found perfect ass!"
Girl: *takes off jeans*
Guy: "Goddamnit, it's moley. Move along."
by BradlyBradbrad December 28, 2011
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1. A girl with a great ass and awesome complementing features. Shes smart but not a nerd. She appears to others to be a goody goody but on the inside shes a total freak

2. A girl that looks incredible, is breath-takeing, in bed or anywhere... "literally" but you can still take her ome to mom and dad with no doubts.

3. A girl that everyone wants

4. A girl that you want to be with for the rest of your life
Someone: Damn Heather is a Perfect Ass Girl. You sure are lucky to have her! Me: No Shit! Shes..... Great
by The Luckyest Guy Ever June 6, 2006
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When someone has a perfectly shaped ass, like a peach
"Panda has such a perfect ass, shaped like a peach, the photo of it should be in the dictionary of a 'Perfect Peach Ass'
by GGingersnapss November 5, 2022
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When someone's ass is so perfectly shaped it looks like a peach.
"Panda has the perfect peach shaped ass, it should be in the dictionary as an example."
by GGingersnapss November 5, 2022
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