Money, revenue, profit. As in 'percentage of take'; points.
"There's ain't no percentage in shooting the guy."
by Dinar October 28, 2007
A replacement for the hash-tag (#) used to mark irony or to otherwise prevent the tagged statement from trending on social media sites.
"I just dropped my new phone in the garbage disposal. %ObamasAmerica"
"Didn't you mean to say #ObamasAmerica?"
"Nope. That's a percentag."
by KaiserWilhelm December 31, 2014
A symbol to replace the hashtag on twitter. To be used just the same as a hashtag on Twitter, but is the new, 2.0 version.

Hashtags aren't going to be around forever. They are getting used up. So intro to the %percentag
by Dano Hart May 18, 2011
1. A measure of determining sexual scoring prowess calculated by dividing total bases(1B=kissing, 2B=touching, 3B=oral, 4B=Sex) by the number of dated partners.

2. In baseball, a statistic to gauge power by dividing total bases by at bats.
After five dates and only one boob touch, John finished the 2010 dating season with a paltry .200 slugging percentage. However, he slugged a whopping .886 in for his company softball team.
by kris takahashi April 16, 2010
Judged by the suicide rates of the trannys. usually degrading them. but also useful for those against them.
Man 1: hey, i heard what eve did to emile.
man 2: yeah, he had the unfair advantage because of his support in The Percentage Cult...
man3: yeah, Noble Four didn't deserve it.
man 2: like i said, the fucking Percentage Cult got his back.
man 1: we sound transphobic but he offended us, not we started it.

man 1: wait, what happened to Noble Two?
man 2: The Percentage Cult got that guy suspended.
man 1: fucking Percentage... always Aggressive and act like so fucking Oppressed...
man 3: they're basically an Empire now and we are Rebels.
by StormcloakODST May 21, 2021
The deciding factor of who gets the car phone charger. The lowest battery power always gets the charging port first.
Hand over the the charger quick before my phone goes dead!. At five percent battery I've got the percentage advantage on you guys.
by The wild wes January 17, 2015
the measurement of likeliness of getting laid or "cumming" in one's pants
she has a jizzing percentage of 80%
by EPrayer January 26, 2011