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Something that at first glance appears to be totally glam, but is really a scam.
laser eye surgery
Revo styler
by FredEx November 22, 2004
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Someone you think is one sexual orientation, but is really another.
"...turns out he's gay! Why does he have to be such a controsexual?"
by FredEx November 22, 2004
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A cross between a Bear and a Dragon. The word comes about from the noise bears make 'rar' and of course dragon. It also came about because I was bored....
"I am going to fly to town on my rargon now"

"When you find yourself in the company of a halfling and an ill-tempered Rargon, remember, you do not have to outrun the Rargon..."
by Fredex December 02, 2006
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Someone who gets blamed for things that aren't really their fault.

To be annoying and silly. i.e 'Christ, you're such a peon. piss off'
'shit. they captured the flag. It was that bloody peon Fred's fault'
by Fredex November 22, 2004
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Wraiths, Ghosts (Ground Wenches), Banshees (Sky Wenches), Scorpions (Big Metal Wenches).

Anything that is not a fine vessel.
"Yarrr there be a wench over yonder"
"Shit, Sky Wench!"
by Fredex December 15, 2004
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