To be very assured of yourself, or cocky.
He gets that brand new car and all the sudden he acts like a penisy little bitch.
by nastynate17873 November 15, 2007
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adjective pi niz ฤ“

1. When one discovers there are way too many dudes in a given situation, that situation becomes penisy. Forget all the other definitions, this is the one that matters.

Origin of penisy: SOMA, San Francisco
The train? Penisy. My coworkers? Penisy. This city? Its penisy too.
by mcphersonz July 31, 2016
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When a guy is really skinny and lanky, kind of like a penis; skinny and long
That guy is way too penisy for me!
(That guy is way too skinny for me)
by Lindsey February 20, 2004
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