When a nurse or geinocologyst gives a mans peniscus an ultrasound
by Goou November 24, 2019
The fat above the penis/ vagina and below the "fat ridge" located directly above your the belt. Often times people with a peniscus must set their bloated carcass ass on the toilet seat and hope they situated themselves in such a manner that their shit and other excriment rolls down their fat creases and into the toilet instead of all over the floor or themselves. The only action left is to hop in the shower.
Oh my god! my peniscus just put my shit all over the floor! Damnit! Help! for the love of god someone clean up my shit!
by ajgamerguy June 15, 2007
Someone who is always referring to penises, want to graple or grope the penis in question. Someones general appearance you can just tell they are all about the penis. It dominates they're daily lifestyle.
Oh my god, jake you are so peniscuous! Why do you always have to make penis comments or jokes & pretend to man-handle my dolandle.
by gecko 011 bwn June 28, 2010
When a nurse or geinocolycuiest gives a man's peniscus an ultrasound, checking for tumors very professionally.
by Goou December 2, 2019