A penislicker is one who licks penis on a regular basis, or one who enjoys such activity immensely.
NATHAN: John, you're such a fucking penislicker.
JOHN: Go to hell Nathan.
by John Q. Nixon October 29, 2008
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some one who licks a pedestrians penis in secret, trying to remain unnoticed while still enjoying the taste of the strangers penis.
Dude i was standing on the sidewalk and waiting for the bus, when i noticed a penislicker on my dick!
by randomcrapping March 23, 2011
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one who licks another penis.. deskusting fuckers do this because they can not get a woman.. see faggot
by Lauren BITCH March 23, 2005
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This usually means that someone likes to lick or suck the male's genitalia.
Matthew: Yo, do you know Tafeta? He's a real penis licker to Mauricio.
by Duhtacobell April 01, 2018
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