Music that you know is bad and shouldn’t be listened to / enjoyed, but triggers the uncontrollable instinct of wanting to dance and jam out to it anyway
Guy 1: dude, why do you like this song? It sucks.

Guy 2: oh it totally does I hate it... it’s kinda catchy though, yeah?
Guy 1: hell yeah, this is total penis music
by Bigdaddylongjohns February 20, 2020
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Music that seems to have been created by a single external digit of the human body smashing a synthesizer.

High-tempo and discordant electronic music, related to noise music.
That track you created on your phone with iKaossilator is pure penis music. Did you use your hands this time?
by Duke-Baloney March 16, 2020
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Music that you like to listen to, but can't admit you like it to anybody you know.
"This song is cool but it would be embarrassing to admit I like it. I will add it to my penis music playlist"
by them9m10m81 January 6, 2022
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Penis Music is a sub genre of music in which the artist uses vibrations to portray their emotions. Penis music can also be referred to as dick jams, as well as cock opera.
“Hey bro! Did you hear the new penis music? Fantano gave it strong 9/10!”
by Gamer6454 January 16, 2020
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The most absolutely amazing music you’ve ever heard, but it’s about penis, no strict reason it is penis music, just vibin, doesn’t even have to be about penis
Ex: Ram ranch
When penis music: Literally just vibin
When no penis music: 👨🏾 🦳
by Bingbongbruh69 February 27, 2020
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fart noises along with penis music and playboi carti
ghdfrsekjfrhewwgfrejw thetrinabecre loogadeedimodeyshine penis music noises
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