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Penis Game

A game 2-6 people play where one person says penis, then the next person has to say it louder, then to the point they are screaming “PENIS” at the top of their lungs. If you fail to yell it louder or just refuse to yell it at all, you are eliminated from the game.
Me-“Let’s play the penis game!
Person 2-“Penis”
Person 3-“Penis!”
Person 4-“PENIS!”
Person 5-“𝗣𝗘𝗡𝗜𝗦!!!”
*awkward staring*
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This is a game that needs a minimum of 2 players. it can be played anywhere from the workplace to school. It starts when one player says penis ! the other player must say penis ! but louder than the first person. it goes on until one player quits or cant get louder than the other.
Tom yelled Penis! and i instantly knew he was playing the penis game
by happyfeet... December 20, 2006
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Usually, this game consists of a group of boys in a large public place, and they will yell the word penis at different volumes, he who says it the loudest wins.
mike: penis(whisper)

kevin wins the penis game.
by Jackieann April 05, 2006
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The game where two people say penis louder and louder until a teacher writes one of them up. That person is the winner.
Ted: Lets play the penis game.
Teacher: Laura go to detention you dirty mexican.
Ted: Damn it i lose again!!!
by Tedwardz0r April 12, 2006
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A game normally played in school where teenagers try say the word "penis" without getting caught. The game begins with a student saying "penis" as a whisper. The next student says it louder than the person who said the whisper, and so on. The object of the game is to say "penis" the loudest without getting caught. If the teacher hears the student say "penis", the student loses the game, and usually gets a detention.
Student A: Wanna play the penis game?
Student B: (whisper) Penis.
Student A: (still whispering) Penis.
Student B. (talking softly) Penis.
Student A. (talking loudly) Penis.
Student B. (Slightly yelling) Penis!
Student A. (yelling) Penis!!
Student B. (screaming) PENIS!!!!!!!!!!
Teacher: Who said that?! That was totally inappropriate, do you understand that?! Oh, and btw, YOU LOSE!
by Ryan1159 March 10, 2009
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A game where 2+ people take turns saying "penis." The first to chicken out or get caught loses.
Person1 wanna play the penis game
Person2 penis
Person3 Penis
Person1 PEnis
Teacher: Detention
by xD God April 09, 2018
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A phrase used to decribe the relative size of one's penis, with a bigger penis resulting in more penis game.
"Damn, I bet that black man got some mad penis game!"
"Yeah, but that Korean definitely ain't got no penis game."
by Jon Ray May January 07, 2009
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