Make your penis hard and put jam or jelly on your stomach.

When a fly lands on your stomach to eat the jam, pull your penis back and let it go so it springs back, smacking into your stomach, and thus killing the fly.

Yes, it is completely wrong in every sense of the word!
There was a fly infestation over at Jones' place.

I saved him some money on an exterminator by giving it the old Penis Flytrap.

I feel sick now!
by Klobersaurus August 15, 2010
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A vagina which clasps around your dick, right before you cum, so that you have to nut inside of it. Your dick also begins to get digested by the vagina after a short time.
Quin: hey, I heard you got stuck in a penis flytrap the other day.

Drew: yeah, it was crazy. I had to knock that bitch out and tease her pussy lips open so I could free my dick.

Quin: wow, that's scary...
Drew: but, I still finished.
Quin: nice
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A vagina that was shaved several days previous to intercourse and therefore has short, sharp, stubby pubic hairs. Before her vagina is wet enough to enter, the male attempts to stick his penis in and the vagina lips cave in around the cap/shaft of the penis, thus scratching the cap/shaft of the penis with the short, sharp, stubby pubes. The situation resembles that of a venis flytrap closing around its prey. Hysterical? Me thinks so.
"Hey do you remember Mandy from barnes and noble? yeah man I got her to come over last night, but I didn't get her warmed up enough and that biddie's snatch penis flytrapped me."

"Dude, that's no good. Ya gotta put a little work in before putting it in. You're better than that."

<sigh> "I know man, I know."
by BdazzL March 20, 2007
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(n.) 1. the act of performing oral sex on a man that involves a horrific amount of teeth. 2. the actual mouth of the person performing said action.
Jack was excited about Jill's intentions as she knelt down, but he was soon to experience the painful, tooth-filled wrath of her Penis FlyTrap.
by prockstar November 16, 2010
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The romantic/platonic/rivalry ship name between Wolfgang Brandt and Devon Neii. Honestly at this point I'm not sure what it counts as. Are they lovers? Friends? Enemies? They're so homoerotic.

As for the reasoning behind the name itself, I'm a bit unsure. Devon Neii enjoys gardening, and Lambda, Wolfgang's creator, saw a Venus flytrap recently-- hence the name. The penis part is likely a funny bit. I wish they would just confess their love for each other already. This is like an enemies to lovers fanfiction. Just kiss already. Jeez.
"Dude, did you hear what happened with Penis Flytrap recently?"

"Oh, no. I hope they didn't fuck. We already have enough of that."
by chiicheo February 26, 2022
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Also known as penis captivus is uncommon action in intercourse where the muscles in a vagina clamp down on the penis more firmly than usual, making it impossible for the penis to withdraw or better yet when the penis gets trapped in the vagina
"Oh no I got caught got in a penis flytrap"
"Jade is got a penis flytrap bro"
by hannahwalstunnnna March 28, 2018
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An accidental situation that occurs when you have your fly unzipped and don't notice that you barely have the head of your penis sticking out through your pants and then you very quickly zip up your fly without even noticing. OUCH!!
Damn, while Mark was in the restroom with us after a quick piss and while we were hurrying to see the new Star Wars movie, he was so rushed that he didn't realize his dick was still sticking out a bit as he hurriedly zipped up his barn door, and thus he gave himself a nasty and painful penis flytrap! He was screaming in pain for a while, missing the movie's first 20 minutes and had to watch the rest of the movie while his dick was feeling swollen after the incident!

In conclusion, don't forget to put it completely AWAY first before zipping up if you are in a hurry!

Mark H. Bringing nice new slang terms to UD since February 2004.
by Mark H May 14, 2005
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