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When two men face off, eye to eye, both extending there hands grasping the opponents penis. This is a very strategic game, removing your hand from the penis is immediate disqualification declaring yourself as gay. Other way of losing this game is to be first boner, this creates different offensive and defensive strategies to win the game. Loser is declared Gay. This is the only full proof way of showing your homies you handle pressure well.
Chauncy: Did you see the look on Chaz face when he lost Penis Chicken? Frank: Can't help but declare him a gay homie.
by Penischicken August 16, 2016
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Chicken that is obtained from late night low quality takeaway outlets. The chicken is usually brushed by one of the workers Penis without the customer seeing. It can also be obtained indirectly through the handling of the chicken if one of the workers has failed to wash his hands.Usually only consumed by persons under the influence of copius amounts of alcohol.
'Man i feel like some Penis chicken after them beers'
'yo bruv that is some good penis chicken'
'alright son, can i have 3 pieces of penis chicken and some fries'
by Ja 'jamieson' rude October 25, 2007
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