An elite military branch consisting of 4 penguins. Their most notable successes are the Assassination of Hitler, preventing 9/11 the sequel, and killing Osama Bin Laden.
Person 1: Who assassinated Hitler?
Person 2: The Penguins of Madagascar, that's basic history dude.
by Carskek October 21, 2018
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Elite body agents who live in a zoo. They are tasked with preventing havoc in the world, some notable examples are by preventing Donald Trump from using the N-word, preventing the 2nd 9/11 and saving Barrack Obama
By morning they are "cute and friendly penguins" but by night they're on a secret mission to infilntrate their arch-nemises and save the world and protect the n word pass.

The group consists of...
Skipper: The leader who tasks the team with top-secret military-grade missions

Private: The cude and cuddley penguin who is used as a decoy to fool their arch-nemises
Kowalski: The super-intelligent Penguin who gives the analysis whenever Skipper asks for it, his intelligence exceeds the intelligence of the CIA
Rico: The dude who provides military-class weapons to the team or anything else, i mean, he throws it up so who knows what it will be?
Example of a day in the office for The Penguins of Madagascar
During day
Penguins: *waving*
Woman: Aww, those penguins are so cute
Man: i know right!, They look so harmless and cuddly

At night
Skipper: Ok team, our new mission: Infiltrate Donald trump and secure the N-word pass, KOWALSKI, ANALYSIS. RICO, TRACKER. PRIVATE, Be private!
by AverageLawAbidingCitizen April 27, 2019
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Private was the lead mastermind behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy, but not limited to only him. He also committed systematic mass genocide in Auschwitz and was the lead commander of the 1st SS Panzer Division (Hitler's Personal Guard). He is the #1 wanted on the FBI watch list and has a bounty of around 150 million dollars .He also committed various war crimes in Northern Afghanistan during his 33rd deployment with Delta Force. These war crimes include:

1. Systematic mass genocide
2. Using chemical and biological weapons
3. Murdering more than 50,000 innocent civilians
4. Inhumane experiments on civilians
5. Use of napalm when not needed
6. Using weaponized small pox
7. Handing out "water" to civilians (it was full of Ebola cells)
8. Executing POW's
9. Assassinating military leaders
And 10. Extracting fluids from the human body, thus creating robots
Person 1: Hey, you know Private (From Penguins of Madagascar)?
Person 2: Yeah, the terrorist?
Person 1: Yes.
by Osama F. Hitler November 19, 2020
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Private was the leading mastermind behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Private has been known for numerous accounts of drug dealing and sexual assault. He also committed numerous war crimes in former Yugoslavia. This includes the murder of 17 innocent school girls, killing civilians in an active war zone, car bombing a village, and using chemical weapons.
Private (From Penguins of Madagascar) committed war crimes in Yugoslavia
by Osama F. Hitler November 19, 2020
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