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A penis that has been in ass so many times that it resembles the inside of an asshole
Guy: are you not impressed by what you see?

Girl: oh my god, you have a penass *takes picture and blogs about it on twitter*
by Awf uck May 14, 2014
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Male version of gootch, cause if, or vaganus. Made by cramming penis and ass into one word. My most glorious creation yet. I was sad to find out vaganus was taken already as I previously thought I was the inventor of that gem as well. but you cant have it all. Thanks Urban Dictionary for clearing that up though.
Perve: "You are my favorite pornstar. Can you please sign my penass?"
Pornstar: "Of Course, Where else would a thot of my caliber sign."
Perve: "You are the only one doing that to your vaganus in porn these days, my gf cant even do that."
Perve: "My gf is jealous that I can do it to my penass better than she can to her vaganus."
Pornstar:"That's amazing, you can stick a flashlight up your ass and see the reddish glow on your penass."
by Jacob Galloway November 25, 2013
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I'm suffering from a serious penass right now, so you'll have to come later.
by Bryan Smith December 31, 2003
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