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An extremely attractive girl of Tibetan descent. Known for her exceptional ability to make friends with anybody. Always the life of the party, and the center of attention. She remembers so many things that other people forget, and can always be called upon to bring up a funny memory. Fantastic dresser, and very good at makeup application. Marvelous in the sack, and desired by many. Has been known to cause conflict between even the best of friends, because they fight over her.She is always sparking jealousy in other girls, and consistently shocks the hell out of her best friend because of her remarkable antics. There is nothing this girl can't do, and she will go very far in life.
I love Pema so damn much!
by nancycathat April 18, 2011
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An amazing person, usually of Bhutanese origin, that can at times be vicious, but rarely is it deliberate. Pema type girls make some one guy the luckiest man on earth later on in life, but can be brutal to guys that are 'just friends'.
Girl: "Maybe you are finally growing up now, Raheel"


Girl:Oops, Im sorry, I didnt mean it taht way, I can be such a Pema!
by Just a friend October 26, 2004
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Someone who doesn't really mix in with the crowd.

And outsider.
Ew. It's Pema
by zaffajaffadaoo July 12, 2011
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