The mispelling of PEOPLE, these PEOPLE who spell it incorrectly need help with their spelling. maybe they should ask other PEOPLE to help them. Maybe they'll learn.
I think peeple need help
by Heatro303 January 10, 2018
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the rather slang version to people
damn, g dawg look at all them peeples.
by HiFuzdelity November 14, 2015
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tendo: peepl are dumb
nrgetik: so am i
by tendo April 20, 2004
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A kind young gentleman who is in love with a buss-down named Liz and Esty.
by Vanessa Hughes February 20, 2019
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Watch this PEEPING TOM.

I am going to come clean , " I am a naturally born voyeur ".

When human beings are only denoted by their BINARY ELIMINATION BEHAVIOR.

A drill instructor.

PEEPS the perfect marketing product for the URBAN DICTIONARY CROWD.

A screw up by a PEEPING ANAL ALAN.

Oh my GOD!!!! I am going to CUM!!!


Binoculars eye pieces.
If I catch that PEEPING TOM this ANAL ALAN I am going to make a PEEPLE for him also and what I mean is I will add the HO and make him submit in all his HOLES and pay me.

Any RESTROOM that has a PEEPLE I seize it and watch people DEFECATE and URINATE as there is an ASSEMBLY LIINE of these DEFECATORS AND URINATIORS and not only that being a JEWISH HOMOSEXUAL PEDOPHILE to put me in my place you may write , "WATCH OUT FOR PEEPLE like him as pose to EAT SHIT INSTAGRAM ANAL ALAN.

Hey PEEPLE here comes BOB and he is SHIT while TED is PISS and CAROL IS PISS and ALICE is SHIT as this COED BATHROOM is for all kinds of PEEPLE

Listen I will show you in both the .MANDATORY. and the .WOMANDATORY how to DRILL for the perfect PEEPLE and see all kinds of SHIT and PISS machines and TOILET BOWL CONTENTS.

HEY , I am going to ad some sense to these PEEPLE and make PEEPS for consumption and excretion for AARON has a real crowd source to market too.

Hey ANAL ALAN you looked in the wrong PEEPLE as that happened to be a POWATSON LEASE PEEPLE you were peering in.

PEDOPHILE PEEPLE like ANAL ALAN just looked at my son DONOVAN of five years young through this PEEPLE ,is that legal JOHN?

All you do is FUCK HARDER when you look through any PEEPLE which really is where there is a VIEW of anything that be a PEEPLE.

Just look through the PEEPLE as you will be able to see the MOUNTAIN VIEW and all you PEEPLE who are TWISTED well it will give you the best MOUNTING VIEW when you find the right PEEPLE.
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