The male or female tip of the urethra.
"OUCH my boyfriend game me a UTI and now my pee hole feels like a fire crotch acid drip!"
by Guarrasi September 09, 2005
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The hole at the tip of the penis from which comes either a hot sticky secretion or a smelly yellow one.
by Anonymous April 10, 2003
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pee hole the tip of your bonger (dick) that makes you be able to pee.
"Ow my pee hole."
by BurpMyButt November 10, 2015
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1) The external urethral orifice. In men, also the orifice through which sperm is ejaculated.
2) A location where one urinates. Connotatively, this location is not an established facility for whizzing, but instead a "found" location. A very rudimentary outhouse.
3) A startling variant of pie-hole.
1) I have a burning sensation in and around my pee-hole.
2) The porta-potty was totally rank, so I found a nice pee-hole in that foliage over there.
3) Dude, shut your pee-hole.
by Jenn Frank September 08, 2005
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The smallest unit of measurement known to man. Approximately the width of an atom. A mosquito's piss stream is a string of molecules.
Gerald, that scratch on your 1981 Datsun is the size of a mosquitos pee hole, chill out.
by Limblessless August 24, 2006
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Pee pee hole is the pee hole of a peeper (also known as VaGInA and PeNIs)
"Look at my pee pee hole binch"

"Wow that's a nice pee pee hole"
by Geezycheezy December 17, 2018
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