The male or female tip of the urethra.
"OUCH my boyfriend game me a UTI and now my pee hole feels like a fire crotch acid drip!"
by Guarrasi September 9, 2005
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The hole at the tip of the penis from which comes either a hot sticky secretion or a smelly yellow one.
by Anonymous April 10, 2003
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A place where guys like to piss (wall, urinal, etc)
by peeee - whole April 10, 2003
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Urethral meatus; opening where pee comes out
Stick your d*ck in my pee hole!
by peeholepenny October 22, 2019
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pee hole the tip of your bonger (dick) that makes you be able to pee.
"Ow my pee hole."
by BurpMyButt November 11, 2015
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People like to put things in it like phones and stuff
by Holyholes July 31, 2021
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one round hooe, at the base of the sycamore tree. Enetr if 7you dare, and leave yopur pee. Sneak if you8 can, and try to n hide, because tghe keeper of the pee hole is not kind. Th etickles will grab you with ferocity, and eventually you will become the tree. You dont want that do yiy? being the pee hole tree? would you enjoy thta? treat others how you8 want to0 be treated.

-Queen Elizabeth II, 2022
"dannm shawty i love gouing to the pee hole, we can gggle alll;l;lllll day mommy., let me suckle at your teet. Please i crave the milk of your teet, please im dying lert me suck on that oomfious titty."
by Farth!!! May 31, 2022
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