Old school term that still applies to today. It is the act of ejaculating while the penis is completely under water. This can be in the tub or especially in a swimming pool or larger body of water. Basically one cums under the water and the semen beads off and suspends itself under the water, slowly floating to the surface. For those familiar with the practice and have developed the fetish, they usually go after the suspended semen and try to eat the ejaculate. This does take some skill, patience, and appeal so that is why the action has been called pearl diving
I asked him if he has ever been PEARL DIVING before and he said no. So with that I let my massive load escape under the calm waters of our spa. I then motioned him to get in and told him "happy hunting".
by sonnyboa May 09, 2010
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to give the female oral sex also know as eating out this is the true and stright definition to pearl diving
mike"dam boy!,i went pearl diving last night"
rick"how was that shit"
mike"tasty imma head to her place again tonight"
by Roger .S January 06, 2008
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when a guy beats off in a pool and the cum forms little small pearl-like balls - because the cum does not mix with the water. And the cum-balls fall to the floor of the pool and someone can actually pick thtem up, until the cum hits air, then it melts back to the original slimmy form.
Sue went pearl diving, after Mike's sperm, just to prove Mike and Brandon wrong.
by Marie September 13, 2004
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Masturbation in a lake, ocean, or swimming pool and afterwards collecting the pearls of jism, as if diving for treasure or pearls. This method of sexual self-gratification increases lung capacity and you are immersed in lubricant.
Zach, when pearl diving in the school swimming pool, forgot to collect the pearls of jism so he got our gym teacher pregnant.
by Benzo Lorenzo November 18, 2005
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When your swimming in a pool and you jack off and let your jizz float around the pool and then you swim around and catch it.
Im going pearl diving in my pool before anyone gets home.
by mike wal mart February 06, 2008
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