1. adj. To brighten up someone's day effortlessly

2. n. An avid and curious explorer, a free bird, a woman with a man's sense of adventure and direction.

3. n. A family and friend oriented social animal, complete with dualistic features such as looks like a woman but acts like a man, has a laughter that breaks normal decibel levels, has an infectious smile, is simply awesome company due both simplicity and complexity. Has extremely nocturnal behavior; goes home at wee hours after hours of dancing, and takes to the morning pretty slow.

4. n. a Disney Princess; has weird but alluring tendencies to break into song. WARNING: Animals near you may exhibit strange behavior as well.
1-4. There goes Peachie!
by El Gunslinger May 03, 2009
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When you don't have anything else to say so you say something random! Making it so it doesn't sound awkward.
Hello mate how you doing

Yeah not to bad you?
Yeah I'm good peachy peachy
by ajshgss July 07, 2015
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the feeling you express sarcastically when you're extremely pissed off and its obvious, but some douche bag still has the balls to ask you how you are.
I'm so fucking peachy, I would got GREAT in a fruit salad.
by bowlafruit December 07, 2010
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1. A slang word for thats great.

2. Or a un-enthusiastic way to say "wow thats wonderful"
1. Thats just peachy!

2. sally: Hey i went to the mall today!
george: wow, thats peachy.
by the nifty pear July 25, 2005
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Means great, funnest when used sarcasticaly.
"You OK?" he asked

"My boyfriend dumped me, my dog died, my car was totalled, and I nearly got run over. I'm just peachy!" She replied
by SupernaturalChick July 31, 2009
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