She’s a nice, funny, smart person. She is always nice to every person she meets unless they’re mean or they stab her in the back, then she’s not a great person to be around. She might have depression but no one knows. She seem happy at times and other times you think she’s about to burst out in tears. She’s an over all nice person. I wouldn’t get on her bad side though or she might make you’re life a living hell.
Wow Cordelia is really acting like a Cordelia.
by _Cordial_llama_ August 12, 2019
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Cordelia is the nicest person you will ever meet. She hates on herself way to much than she should. She will always buy others before herself and will be with you throw think and thin. She is a major nerd, but athletic and Hella cute. She will never understand why People are friends with her cause she thinks so poorly of herself. Cordelia also hates compliments so much. She also really hates new stairs but we won’t get into that. Cordelia is such a good person, anyone would wanna be her. Except her
Wow did you see what Cordelia did Today?
She just straight A’s and she won the championship game for her team
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A intelligent and well versed girl. Kind of a know-it-all and a little bossy, but always there for you. Not extremely beautiful, although reasonably hot by anyone standards.
"Did you see that girl who gave the speech last night?"
"Cordelia! I know her she is always raising her hand in my AP American History class!"
by hellofellowhuman June 4, 2017
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The definition of the devil trapped inside a young, innocent, virgin girl's body. Sometimes she is sweet but other times her inner demons are let loose and you nearly end up dead.
Man 1: I just hung out with the devil
Man 2: She sounds like a right cordelia
by Ash890 September 15, 2016
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She is that girl who wears flared pinstripe trousers to sixth form because she so cool and quirky. She either has beautiful blonde hair or silky dark hair and will always have her eye makeup on POINT!!! She is clever and creative at the same time and she will live on to be a successful young women. She loves going to raves and parties but also takes her education very seriously. Not only do all the teachers love her but she is popular with everyone in her year. Cordelia is very intellectual and creative and will live on to a very exciting and busy life.
“Have you seen that really cool girl in sixth form?”
“Omg yes!!! Everyone loves her because she’s called Cordelia”
by Gertrude Syn-Clare November 21, 2019
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A beautiful, sweet, skinny, little biddy. Gives the best lap dances you've ever had. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her because she is simply a beautiful biddy inside and out.
Lily loves her too.
"She's always ready. When you want it she want like a nympho..."
"Damn, that Cordelia's got it goin' on"
by beautiful bitch February 7, 2010
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Castmember of the second season of Oxygen's "Bad Girls Club". Member of the "party girls" clique.
"Did you see what Cordelia did on the last episode??"
by BGCFAN February 26, 2008
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