Most indefinately the best name ever given to anyone. Anyone called Paul are usually tough as fuck and with ease gets multiple woman in bed at one time. If you ever meet a Paul be sure to greet him with praise and gifts.
Paul Lewis
by Some fit babe November 24, 2010
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Paul = the exact definition for awesomeness.

Most clever, and witty person.

Has a good, joyful outlook on life, and will always brighten up your day!

Has bright blue eyes that make all the girls Jelaous. Very outgoing, Paul is the first person to call if your looking for a Paul.

Pauls are very generous, and caring people. Pauls, are also the most ridiculous name for a cat.

Pauls enjoy cats, and will mostly likely name it something like Paul.

One will not regret meeting a paul.
Sally: "Gahh, this guy is so boring!"

Cally: "What you need is a paul."

Sally: "Omg, I want one!"
by OmgLolomg July 02, 2011
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Someone who is really awesome and has a HUGE advantage down there. He is commonly reffered to as a doctor even though he is doubted by his peers. If you dont know a Paul. You should really get one because there arent very many.
Me: dude my penis hurts
Paul: if you get laid it'll feel better

Me: Thanks Dr. Paul
by bluhoodie2525 January 10, 2012
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A guy who is not only intelligent, but is also athletic, nice, caring, tall, handsome, shy, sexy, genuine, and funny. He has incredible sexual endurance, and is well-endowed to begin with. He will always do what he believes will benefit others the most, even if they hate him for it in the short run. In time, no one can dislike a Paul, unless they are too jealous of his success. In relationships, they make great pairs with Brenna's.
Guy 1: "Wow, Paul just got hit on by the hottest girl in the club."
Guy 2: "Yeah, its a shame he's still going out with that Brenna chick, his talent is really going to waste."
by ThreeWolfShirtMan February 10, 2013
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A guy who is strong, loyal and loving. Someone who will always be there for you.
"He's been a real Paul"
by Bernard_the_wizard March 04, 2010
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