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Theatre-speak for an actor being the victim of the producer's breach of contract promising that the actor would play the same part (usually a leading role) in a foreign production of the same show.

Derives from Andrew Lloyd Webber's famous firing of Broadway star Patti LuPone in 1994 from his musical 'Sunset Boulevard'. Lloyd Webber had promised LuPone that she would originate her leading role in London and on Broadway, but subsequently reneged on the contract and fired her from the show in London, meaning that Glenn Close took her place in Broadway production. The scandal hit the headlines and LuPone was paid a substantial financial settlement for Lloyd Webber's breach of contract.
'It seems that Ramin Karimloo has been Pattied' - i.e. Ramin Karimloo, originally told that he would play the leading role in the troubled Phantom of the Opera sequel 'Love Never Dies' in London and on Broadway, will no longer play the part on Broadway as had been previously indicated.
by Lootcontrasweet February 02, 2011
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to be defeated by a large margin in any type of sporting event
(the score of a bacsketball video game was 89 to 49)
Damn nigga, you got yo ass pattied in 2k9
by Nigga be real March 10, 2009
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