Somone who thinks that every wierd thing they do, everybody else has done that.
Have you ever shat on somone?
Haven't we all?
You're such a Patey!
by TheNeutralChord October 15, 2021
Extremely afraid of public transport (especially buses)
A: Want to walk or take the bus to town?
B: Walk; I am Patey!
by James January 23, 2004
Someone who uses acronyms a lot.

They may misuse said acronyms.

The Patey, despite all this, is a very funny person.
'Geez man, what's with all the lol'ing and lmfao'ing? You are such a Patey.'

'You're so funny, you're a Patey dude'

'Hey, your acronyms are being used inappropriately. Stop being such a Patey- Its just not cool.'
by Therealashes June 25, 2009