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Taijutsu is the empty-handed fighting system of the Ninja. Points that the body strike with (also called natural weapons) are the head, the mouth (in one technique called Shi-Ken)the shoulders, fist knuckles, the palms, the edge of the hands, the finger tips of the hands, the 2nd knuckles, the bottom of the closed hand, the elbow, the hips, the knee's, the tips of the toes, the edge of the feet, the flat of the feet and the heels. Taijutsu utilizes striking techniques, throwing techniques, escape from locks and throws, Sabaki (sword evasion), Taihenjutsu (acrobatics, rolls, breakfalls), locks, grappling and disarming techniques. High level taijutsu deals with daken-tai (practical patterns-when the techniques are carried out against a striking opponent)with swords, instead of evading, simply combating them. This is called Muto meaning *no sword* and it is when Taijutsu becomes non-empty handed and deals with tools such as Shuko to grab weapons with. Taijutsu also deals with multiple attackers, as ninja needed to cover all aspects. There are a few main stances in Taijutsu-
Katate Ichimonji no Kamae-The normal stance, wide open and most weight is on the back leg, front arm extended outwards, back arm covers the heart.
Shizen no Kamae (Shizen Tai)-Relaxed natural posture.
Za-gamae (Fudo Za) A horrible way of sitting down, worse then seiza, where one leg is in the *cross leged fashion* and the other leg is in Seiza.
Doko no Kamae-Like ichimonji no kamae, but you hold a rear hand near your ear holding a boshi ken fist.
Kosei-no-Kamae-One hand over the forehead, one hand protecting the groin.
Things unique to Taijutsu are the hand-striking techniques, like Boshi ken where your fist is clenched but your thumb tip protrudes slightly over the top of the fist, Sui ken and Shihan ken ect, The kicking method-It is not a snap kick. Imagine a cobra, rearing up before, the enemy, and then suddenly lashing out. This is a Taijutsu kick metaphor, you raise your knee to your chest inwards, then the leg springs out and you smash with the flat of your foot. This was to deal with Samurai wearing armour.
Taijutsu owns your ass, Karate n00bs.
Taijutsu takes influences from chinese shaolin arts, and was most probably japans oldest formed art, forming just past 1200 AD.
by Ninpo-Bugei July 28, 2006
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The art of using the body, an empty handed combat that is a subsystem of ninjutsu. In Taijutsu, there are 16 natural weapons: head, right fist, left fist, right shoulder, left shoulder, right elbow, left elbow, right knee, left knee, left heel, right heel, left toes, right toes, body (or taiken), and right hip and left hip.

There are no stances in taijutsu (or ninjutsu), instead there is footwork about how to evade a strike to the outside, or inside, etc.

In Taijutsu, there are many grapples and take downs, though it is not centered on them
That ninja doesn't have any weapons; he must be using Taijutsu!
by mikkhal June 30, 2006
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In the world of Naruto, hand-to-hand combat. It uses very little chakra (Except when performing techniques such as the Reverse Lotus) so it is very convenient to those who don't know Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. Rock Lee uses only taijutsu, due to his lack of success in the other jutsus.
Rock Lee is an expert of taijutsu; he is skilled only in hand-to-hand combat, and since he trained so hard at it, he is awesome!
by Gai-sensei March 17, 2006
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A general term refering to all physical fighting techniques a Ninja uses. Does not use Chakra.
Rock Lee is a Taijustu specialist.
by RockBoS January 04, 2004
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