A God Like Figure, worshipped by many, sometimes used as blasphemy!! also can be used to describe a miracle, often used to describe something great!!
Oh Passang!! or Tht's a Passang
by It's ur boy May 2, 2006
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That monkey was passanging
by Hunter10001 March 31, 2019
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The sexiest Deftones song about having sex in a car! fucking awsome song
Passanger is one of Chino's best songs
by Rachel July 14, 2004
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A inner sub conscience, that comes out when feeling a threat. When taking substances the dark passenger has been know to come out of the mind of a Dirty Curty.
When thinking of having a fuck the dark passanger fights the Dirty Curty.
by Mr Bellchamber October 5, 2011
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A racial slur to an african american that came from Africa. A reference to the middle passage that africans endured.
by Middlecon September 23, 2019
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a passang is a person who jerks off to anime titties and simps for girls.
girl1: eww look at that passang
girl2: i heard he jerks off to anime porn
girl1: he does
by jijane cant wait to see it April 25, 2022
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