It is when you get bomb dick, that makes you tell your girlfriends that you are in love. This is also known as unicorn dick, once received you will experience such symptoms as stalking, acting crazy, and non stop text messages inventing excuses to come over. There is no getting over this, only solution is suicide ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Hey girl I just spend the night with Chinoe. No lie I'm in love, he's truly the one for me
by The best Fran September 27, 2017
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Chino means Chinese in spanish. What irritates is that Mexicans use this word even though you are not chinese but from other Asian countries like Korea and Japan. First thing they see is Asian, they would use the word, Chino.
Ex. 1
Mexican: Where are you from?
Boy: Korea
Mexican 2: Oh a Chino!

Ex. 2
Bunch of Asians grouped up at school
Mexicans: El Chino wey
by I have boner I am sperm doner September 3, 2017
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chinese in spanish...

and also...lead singer of the deftones!
by carem April 5, 2003
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A pair of khaki pants that tends to fit better than your average pair of Dockers. Unfortunately, these pants tend to come in some pretty flamboyant colors most people should avoid.
"Woah, nice salmon chinos... douche bag."
by DrRock710 June 22, 2008
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A pretty small, typical, suburban city in the San Bernardino County that's often mistaken for Chino Hills. Where hoodrats are bffs with preps and wannabe skaters run around. Many unintelligent people think the place is ghetto because of the way it was portrayted in the O.C. But that's only less than partially true. Mountain View Park is basically the unofficial border in Chino, that seperates ghetto Chino from good Chino. Mostly mexicans&whites live in the area, but a small, growing population of Asians. Nothing to do except watch movies at Harkins&hang out at the Shoppes. Which btw are in Chino HILLS, so extra 10 minute drive if you wanna have fun in Chino.
You: So where do you live?
Me: Chino
You: OH, you mean Chino Hills!? You must be rich!
Me: Oh no..just Chino.
by lilyashlee June 30, 2009
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Loaning a degenerate guy some money with the expectation that he will pay you back within a few weeks, only to see him blowing your money on something stupid in the near future. If you get chinoed, you will be lucky to ever see your money again.
Damn I got chinoed by this fool. I loaned that guy 500 bucks cuz he said he needed to pay his rent. Then a couple days later I saw him playing Pai Gow at Caesars Palace!
by king duey October 19, 2005
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In Peru: man of asian origins. Can be used as a gentle insult or a tease (between friends and relatives for example). General way of describing a Peruvian with asian traits.
by Matรฉo Pumakawa August 24, 2003
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