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A despicable human being that frequents the old Jackie 2000 or Mama Raven phone/chat lines in Syracuse NY. The female versions are usually MUCH younger than they tell you and the males are usually MUCH older than they state.

The majority of the partyliner males are in their 40's and are looking to hookup with young chicks. Many of them live in their mother's basement. Nearly all have no job.

The majority of partyliner girls are 12-15 years of age and at least slightly overweight. Many are looking for an older guy to get the drunk or stoned.

The partyliner is a perfect match for itself since all old partyliner males want a young partyliner female. Then thye get caught doing them in the woods and go to jail and live even further off our taxpayer money!!
Bob: Hey who is this?

Karen: My name is BootyBooBoo

Bob: How old are you?

Karen :20, u?

Bob: I am 20 too. what a coincidence! Wanna Hook up?

Karen: No way! I am really only 12 and I am smart enough to know you are a partyliner!
by DudeWayCool April 26, 2010
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