A song that popularized rap-rock and changsta gangs.
"Shop Boyz, rockstars ! Yeah we like them changsta gangs! Party like a rockstar!
by Skyedot August 3, 2009
a phrase that apperently has a double meaning so much so that i got yelled at by my retarded teacher for wearing a shirt that said the phrase. wow, psh.
me: hey, my shirt says party like a rockstar.
teacher: RAWR fodfnhonhgsnnr!!!!!!
by Maddie Psh Kayy™ May 28, 2008
a great song by the shop boyz. got lots of airtime during the early summer of 2007. the shop boyz have been collaborating guitar riffs into their rap music, some saying making a new genre of rap music.
party like a rock, party like a rockstar.
by manchild23 June 25, 2007
Hardcore partying; Debotchery at its finest.
After having been up for 2 days, we polished off another 5th of Bacardi 151, then went to the Mexican strip club for some lovin'. And we missed Church too.
by Tha Cuddla April 22, 2004