An unmarked FBI van, used for hauling away criminals
WTF? Is that CP? Dude, I'm calling the Party Van.
by Darsular February 9, 2007
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Quite unflatteringly put, the party van is a slightly tired 1993 plymouth voyager. However, thats not where the magic ends. This said van is driven around the tri-state area by a crowd of rowdy teenagers to let others know that a party is, in fact, going to go down tonight, or soon thereafter. The party van is differentiated by the other ten zillion voyagers in the road due to the lynard skynard, rush, rob zombie, etc. blaring from it, and the constant commands of those inside to "ROCK THIS BITCH!!!", which refers to the passengers moving from side to side, causing the entire party van to shake violently on its already weak suspension. When not in use to notify an impending party, the party van sits in a dark garage, watching, waiting....keep an eye out for the party van in your tri-state area...
Friend #2: "fuck yeah dogg, i call no buysies on the beer. i'm housin' the bud. god the sight of The Party Van is nice on sore eyes..."
by Mac Sauce November 11, 2006
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The 4chan party van is another name for the FBI truck that 4chan users usually see out side their house when they post or talk about Child Pornography.
Other 4chan users use it as positive term rather than a negative one. They say it will take them away to the internet where they can live happily will small children forever. This is a lie and is only mentioned by FBI agents.
Guy1: Hey guys, here's some CP!
Guy2: Dude that's not cool.
Guy1: Uh oh, the 4Chan Party Van is outside my house! They're coming in!
Chris Hansen: Why don't you take a seat?
by Bobnonymous April 15, 2008
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1. noun The people who come after you when you post child porn on 4chan.
2. adjective Used when describing the people who go after you for doing bad things.
1. Bitch: Hey, where's Dave and his neighbor's kid?
Whore: The 4chan party van took him away. The kid's safe now.

2. Bitch: Did you see those bitches who took Dave to court?
Whore: Yeah, they were some 4chan party van type fuckers...
by Ryssy November 18, 2007
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n.- a raucous event in a mini-van. This usually consists of loud music, people being generally rowdy, and the driver trying to keep the vehicle on the road.

v.- to party in a mini van.
"Dude, get in. Van Party!"
by theDefiner December 4, 2004
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