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The act of laying down a massive dirty stealthy fart before departing an event or gathering that will later engulf the lungs of your audience with your tasty airbourne fecal delight.

To sucessfully infect your chosen audience you must adhere to the following rules:

* A PF must be delivered silently.
* You must leave before the first of your victims becomes aware.
* You must wait until the stench has become one with the room before leaving (N.B. The hotter the fart the shorter the wait).
I laid down meaty wet taco fart then waited in the hall for the screaming to begin.

..........You can't depart, without a parting fart !!! :-)
by GentleRapist December 15, 2010
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Where your in a room full of strangers and fart a giant fart as you leave the room and that is all anyone ever remembers of you.
Who was that guy who was at the party last night,the one that farted?
Don't know man.But that dude could really fart.
And that is the result of a parting fart.
by The Fury 13 September 15, 2010
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