Noun: A person or item that is extremely 'long' and generally very iritating.

Verb: Used to express annoyance at someone's behaviour.
Man 1 - He's taking so long over this!
Man 2 - I know, he's such a parth!

Man 1 - *Acting like an idiot*
Man 2 - Stop parthing me out!
by Long, Annoying, Irritating March 25, 2010
Mentally retarted Indian guys that can't seem to find the right girl. Despite their constant studying, they never gets good grades. Parths usually are requested to go to regular or even special classes in order to be with people of the same skill level of them, but insist on trying out the more challenging classes. Parths are usually prone to laughing/ranting over extremely random things, especially in a quiet group atmosphere (ie mentally retarted).
Person 1- "Wow, you know that girl that said yes to me when I asked her to homecoming?"
Person 2- "yeah she seemed kinda nice"
Person 1- "Well she just found another guy and decided to change her mind with me!"

Person 2- "Either she's a whore, or you're just a Parth"
Person 1- "Did someone just say the Reds one last night?"
by Megabones November 4, 2013
Hindi word meaning Asshole also known as Gaandu
Parth is a Gaandu
by duck malkova August 19, 2018
The kind of cheap drink at the bar that makes you throw up. Also called pooh bear. Hates nature cause of what it did to them( born ugly af).

Narcissistic and delusional. Have major identity crisis ( don't know if they are humans or animals or if some strange gooey species).

Talk to them at your own risk as you may wanna become a murderer after that.
Lazy ass bears.
by The Night Scholar April 7, 2022
A slightly more athletic aniketh. Greasy Indian lad who is known for his habit of smoking weed before school. Although he acts big, he laughs like an 8 year old and warms the bench like one 2. Should consider dropping a few classes as he is bringing home c's like it's his job
Dude, Parth got a 5/20 on English and is getting high in the woods as we speak! Him and Tyler were ballwanting the shit out of each other.
by Weeedman November 15, 2016
smart, cool, and great person.
very god damn sexy too.
although this person can tend to be a bit conceited and arrogant at times, but its only cuz they have something to be conceited about.
that person is so sexy, and cool, almost a parth, but no one can ever be that good, but there pretty damn close.
by frank white December 28, 2005
that one kid who's in algebra and always brags about it
by ruby the booby March 9, 2017