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Term to describe a person who is enrolled at a school full time but only attends classes part time. Usually going home in the latter parts of the day skipping the subjects she/he can't be fucked attending like geography, tourism or media studies.
Almost always an older high school student who really does well in school but can't be fucked listening to her/his teacher go on for another 2 hours.
Student 1:
"Hey where you going? we still have tourism after lunch."
Student 2:
"I'm going home."
Student 1:
"Part Timer!"
by SeriousSam December 28, 2008
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Someone who leaves early instead of staying out & getting fucked up. Part timers are pure buzzkills.
Person 1 - "Right, I'm away home"

Person 2 - "Naw man, stay out & get a booze, you can crash at mine"

Person 1 - "Nope, I'm going home for diner" *walks away*

Person 2 - "Fucking part timer.."

Person 3 - "Aye, what a fucking buzzkill"
by YoBitchorsomeshitlikethat September 29, 2009
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1. one who shows up infrequently 2. Tony
Tony is a part timer
by kendrewphil July 26, 2003
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1. One who's opinions are not worth listening to, or have no value, specifically in the field of Norwich City Football Club.
"I ain't got no time for f***ing part-timers. Pass my Burberry cap will yer?"
by Roman Nitty October 30, 2003
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