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Parminder is the most amazing, beautiful, nice, and perfect person in the world. She is the most awesome friend, and is the most loveable person in the world. If you have her in your life, you truly are the most lucky person in your life. She is the biggest loser, but it's okay because she's still the nicest and best friend you could ever have. If you know a parminder, you should be thankful because she's super tight with santa, so she might help you not be on the naughty list.
Overall Parminders will be the most amazing people in your life.
"Your so lucky you have Parminder in your life"
by nicer reindeer December 01, 2012
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A tall, sexy, charming individual who can drive a girl nuts in bed. A Parminder is usually very sarcastic and mysterious in nature. "Parminder" can be used as a replacement for the words "hotty," "cutie," "stud," "big daddy," and "vampire".
Some Girl: Hey, who's that new guy in class?

Next Girl: I'm not sure, but he's such a Parminder!!
by F.N.R. April 25, 2010
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a person who is the living definition of the work loser. The term parminder can be used as a replacement for the word loser in certain situations.
steven said "you're such a parminder"
by frank of merseyside February 10, 2010
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