It's wrong if you call a Parkour practitioner a 'Parkourer'.
A Parkour practitioner is called Traceur. Traceuse for female Parkour practitioner
Some dude : Are you a Parkourer?
Traceur : No i'm not, a Parkour practitioner is called Traceur
by FatBaldDude November 3, 2012
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A term said by many (usually idiots) when they see a person practicing parkour, or when they themselves execute a maneuver that could, theoretically, be utilized in parkour. One possible origin is an episode of The Office in which certain characters decide to create a video of themselves attempting to do parkour. at one point, one of them exclaims "HARDCORE PARKOUR" just before attempting a complicated movement. It is not certain if those who use the term are making fun of it, or are, in fact, impressed. (the former is the more widely believed.)
NOTE: avoid using this term at all costs, because the people practicing will give you a disgusted look and go somewhere else; it's a big red flag saying "I'm a douchebag!"
by an irritated traceur July 24, 2011
I'm thinking the guys before me don't even practice parkour in the first place...

Parkour is not a sport, in that there are no rules, teams, or points. It is not about competition or showing off.

It shouldn't be confused with freerunning. Freerunning is more about free-movement and involves more tricking.

Parkour can be thought of as being chased by someone. You want to get away as fast as possible, right? But lets say you begin running into rails or walls or other obstacles as such. If you go around them you're only wasting time and energy.

The trick of parkour is to use as little wasted movementt while going past an obstacle. This is why most consider tricking and flips "not parkour" as they simply aren't necessary and will most likely slow you down in someway.

To parkour is to be able to control your body and mind into one being, so that you can find a path quickly, and move your body in a way that the path can be followed into the next path you're given. If you're running towards and obstacle and start to slow down in order to maneuver around it, most likely you need to practice more.
"This guy was chasing me but completely gave up when he realized he couldn't keep up with the path I was going."
"The bus didn't come, and I only had 10 minutes to get to work. I realized it was the perfect opportunity to put my parkour-training to work."
by Danny Day October 15, 2006
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In simplest scientific terms, Parkour is a method of movement that focuses on maximum conservation of momentum in order to create a fluid and painless way to get from point A to point B.
Parkour can be seen in the french film Banlieue 13, starring one of Parkour's creators, David Belle.
by julianfromct March 17, 2007
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A style of movement developed in France to insure that they could flee in any direction, at any time.
No Frenchman that is skilled in Parkour need ever fear capture.
by Madfat June 25, 2009
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Parkour is a discipline not unlike martial arts, but rather than practicing fighting or self defense, it is about moving efficiently

Parkour is a way of moving from one place to another as quickly and as efficiently as possible by means of jumping, vaulting, climbing and other such things.

Parkour is not to be confused with freerunning, which is more focused on aesthetics (i.e. flips, aerials etc.) rather than efficiency. Freerunning is considered an extreme sport, wheres Parkour is a practice for personal benefit rather than showing off.

One who practices Parkour is known as a traceur
I saw this guy using Parkour to get to wherever he was going. I saw him climbing walls, vaulting shorter walls and jumping to get wherever he needed to be as quickly and as efficiently as possible.
by InfiniteSingularity November 27, 2008
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Le Parkour (also known simply as Parkour, PK, or free running)was invented in 1988 in the Parisian suburb of Lisses by a group of teenagers including the legends David Belle and Sebastien Foucan, who formed a clan called the "Yamakasi", or new (modern) samurai. it is a sport in which practitioners, called "traceurs, run, jump, climb, and roll rhrough rooftops, gaps, pipes, practically anything in an urban environment. it demands great physical agility, and masters of PK, such as Belle, are able to jump over cars, leap 9-meter distances from one rooftop to anotherIt has been described as "obstacle-coursing" or "the art of movement". the fluid art of parkour is sometimes combined with the smooth flow of such arts such as capoeira and Xtreme martial arts. examples of such hybrid practitioners are Team Ryouko, the famous Toronto martial arts stunt team, and the mysterious Xyndicate, a tiny, underground clan located in the eastern United States.
"PK is as 1337 as break-dancing!"
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