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Freerunning, is best described as a form of "urban acrobatics" in which participants (free runners) use the city and rural landscape to perform acrobatic movements in order to get from point A to point B. It borrows efficient movements from parkour, adds other acrobatics such as tricking and street stunts, creating an athletic and aesthetically pleasing/ (showoff) way of moving. It is commonly practiced at gymnasiums and in urban areas that are cluttered with buildings and obstacles.

The term free running was invented during the filming of Jump London, as a way to present parkour to the English-speaking world. However, free running and parkour are separate, distinct concepts — a distinction which is often missed due to the similarities. Parkour as a discipline emphasizes efficiency, whilst free running is about complete freedom of movement, and includes many acrobatic maneuvers. Although often the two are physically similar, the principles of each are vastly different.The founder of parkour, Sébastien Foucan, defines freerunning as a discipline to self development, following your own way.
Sam: that guy's a freerunner
Dave: dude, im so awesome at freerunning
Sam: wow, really?
Dave: cant you tell i was being sarcastic?
Sam: well, i was being sarcastic too, fat shit
by _Freerunner_ February 21, 2009
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Free-running treats the urban landscape as an adult playground. It treats man-made structures as an obstacle course that participants negotiate by daring feats of graceful gymnastics. It was invented by a group of childhood friends in Lisses, near Paris—as in so many suburban towns, there was little for young people to do, so Sebastien Foucan, David Belle and others created what they call le parkour (a deliberately un-French spelling to make the point that they were doing something different).
David Belle was filmed for a promotional trailer in which he rushed home across London’s rooftops to catch his favourite TV program. More recently, a trio of free-runners were seen in a program called Jump London.
The sport grew out of attempts to imitate ninja feats. Unlike other extreme activities, it has developed a philosophy. “It is not just a game,” Sebastien Foucan said, “it is a discipline because it is a way of facing our fears and demons that you can apply to the rest of your life.”
by von lark December 29, 2004
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people get parkour and free running mixed up, well that are somewhat correct, parkour is movement without tricking where free running has tricking but has some of the same properties as parkour, putting it basically, free running is both parkour and tricking put together to make free running
by david hooper August 19, 2007
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similar to parkour but has more flips, spins and more showing off than just getting to another place without wasting time or energy.
Me and my friends were playing tag but to show off I used some freerunning moves!
by Ron Hardesty October 25, 2007
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A sport and art, started in the 1980s in France by bored teenagers, where a person vaults, climbs, and does acrobatic stunts off of objects in their path instead of merely running around them.
The newspaper recently ran an article about a guy who does free running.
by andriod5 October 04, 2005
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free running is often mixed up with parkour. Although the two are often physically similar, the mindsets of each are vastly different. free running is moving from point a to point b as effeciently as possible with style involved such as flips, gainers, and spins. Freerunning is essentially complete freedom of movement. parkour is the same without the style involved. From the start the parkour community has been always against the idea of serious competition as it violates the foundations of the philosophy of parkour . it spawned off of parkour which was started in the 1980's by david belle. The term free running was coined during the filming of Jump London, as a way to present parkour to the English-speaking world. alot of free runners practice in groups and have a philosophy about it which is really david belles whole idea. The philosophy is dicipline mentally and physically. If you dont think it is a mental discipline you are completely wrong the fact that you try to jump a 20 foot camp 15 eet of the ground can really get you.but this is what free running really is for even more info wiki it.
parkour free runner am sect free running team tempest free running
by my team: the am sect October 24, 2009
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