Park jimin. The man who wrecks bias list
But is also the softest mochi in the world and he needs to be protected
Park jimin just wrecked my bias list

I love jimin so much

I will marry park jimin

Park jimin is my mans
by eeunha February 12, 2018
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Park jimin is the god and demon that can kill you any day he would like to. I mean uhhh he’s 22 years old “mochie” is his nickname. He is a living meme. If you don’t like him I don’t wanna talk to you . How can you not like him is the real question
Park jimin is mine now back the hell off!BEFORE I SNATCH YOUR WIG!!!
by Btsismine July 17, 2018
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-He is the charming one in the K-Pop boy band BTS (Bangtan Boys)
-He likes to show off his abs at concerts and performnaces
-Bias wrecks everyone
-Also goes by ChimChim, Mochi, or just Jimin
Me: Oh, have you seen Park Jimin in Blood, Sweat, and, Tears? He looks so fine!
Friend: Who's that?
Me: My bias in this K-Pop group called BTS...
by JiminsFutureWife December 9, 2017
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Okay so this person can be really soft and fluffy and all you wanna do is squish his cheeks but then he’s the complete opposite all at once

0-100 real quick
Person : Park Jimin?
Army : my baby ndkdkskdjdjsjdjs yo wait he just breathed and I want him to hit me with a car
by Chogiwakid May 29, 2018
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Park Jimin is the most beautiful man on this planet. He holds the stars in his eyes and his smile glows so brightly because he is a sun child. Whenever he delicately opens his eyes in the morning, a flow blooms with him. Everytime he closes his eyes to sleep, a shooting star appears. Park Jimin is a walking angel that makes everyone uwu
yoongi: i am in love with park jimin wow he has the softest smile im so whipped for him

sejun: yeah saaame
by pencapjim March 29, 2018
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The sweetest angel in the world. A soft n fluffy mochi.
We don’t deserve Park Jimin.
by 💞💓💖💞 July 23, 2018
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This is one name that wrecked havoc across the globe with his mere existence.

Synonyms: extraordinaire, handsome, prince, sexy eye smile, adorable, hilarious, captivating, freeze mode, limelight, imagination, euphoria, drugs, candy, love song, boyfriend.
I saw a man and wow!He is so Park Jimin! Mommy.

This man is my Park Jimin.

You can only Park Jimin when you ride.

I was left in Park Jimin after that concert!

I want to write a million Park Jimin on my notes.
by Oxford dictionary2016 August 9, 2016
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