Perfection. A bias wrecker for every army. He loves to show off his abs and thinks he's sexiest when he's facing the camera and making eye contact with the camera. But he's also a living mochi. He's sweet, charming, handsome, caring, intelligent, sexy, strong and a complete angel. He has an amazing personality and everyone loves him.
Me- Have you heard of Park Jimin
Person 2- Yes! He's so adorable!
Me- I going to marry him!
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He is the most stunning human alive. He is a member of BTS the best and most famous Group in the world. When he smiles he illuminates the world. His eyes are so beautiful, they hold constellations , once you look you will be lost in them forever. His lips are made of the soft clouds and flowers bloom when he blows kisses. Art come alive, ethereal and Poetry all in one. He is heart is made of gold. He is master of duality. Sexiness personafied. His dance is lethal, his body a sculpture, and his voice is the sweetest sound on earth. He also owns a Daisy.
Park Jimin is unworldly.
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by Minji Serendipity October 14, 2018
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Park Jimin is the most beautiful man on this planet. He holds the stars in his eyes and his smile glows so brightly because he is a sun child. Whenever he delicately opens his eyes in the morning, a flower blooms with him. Everytime he closes his eyes to sleep, a shooting star appears. Park Jimin is a walking angel that makes everyone uwu
yoongi: i am in love with park jimin wow he has the softest smile im so whipped for him

sejun: yeah saaame
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by pencapjim March 29, 2018
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A BTS Member

The best definition I can think for Park Jimin

Park jimin is not just a guy. He's a cute sexy mochi guy with a nice ass (jibooty) and abs that can sing like an angel and dance like a god. Oh yeah, he has really cute little hands.
Park Jimin is my bias
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by BeccaWebs September 01, 2018
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Park Jimin is a member of BTS, aged 22 and born on October 13 1995 in the blessed city of Busan along with Jeon Jungkook. This man alone can wreck your bias list and haunt you in your dreams forever, and is so hard to resist no matter how hard you try. You also might've cried in the process of doing so, if not a lot, then at least once. No matter, because you really can't just hate him because he's such a cute Mochi and a sweet selfless angel.

You're only lying if you say no...
Person#1: Uh, why are you crying?
Person#2: Park Jimin happened!
Person#3: That man always gets her to weep, it's so amusing!
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by iiherii May 06, 2018
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An amazing, selfless, hardworking man who has such a beautiful and cute voice. He is incredibly charismatic and graceful on stage. He's a man who deserves unconditional love and doesn't deserve what he thinks of himself. He thought he wasn't good enough, he starved himself, nothing he ever could deserve. In reality, he's gorgeous and talented.
Park Jimin, the man who never fails to make me smile.
"My bias-wrecker, Park Jimin."
by V Leagh November 30, 2018
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Park Jimin is the name which is owned by the most beautiful, warm-hearted, and perfect human being on this planet. His hands are perfectly tiny and he likes to wear a bunch of rings on his short fingers, his lips are evenly plump, his eyes are pretty and innocent. The shape of his face is slightly round but his jawline could cut a bitch. The beautiful, unique, clear voice of his can give goosebumps all the way through a spine or put a baby to sleep. This man is tiny and his huge heart barely fits into his chest. His one upper front teeth is slightly crooked which is adorable, his smile cures my depression and when he laughs his small eyes disappear. He watches cute animal videos if he is sad and loves pets. In conclusion; Jimin is the absolute definition of perfect from inside and out.
Taehyung: Omg look at that adorable kid feeding the homeless cat!

Jungkook: Wow, that’s such a Park Jimin thing to do.
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by Milkieee June 27, 2019
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