Park Jimin is the name which is owned by the most beautiful, warm-hearted, and perfect human being on this planet. His hands are perfectly tiny and he likes to wear a bunch of rings on his short fingers, his lips are evenly plump, his eyes are pretty and innocent. The shape of his face is slightly round but his jawline could cut a bitch. The beautiful, unique, clear voice of his can give goosebumps all the way through a spine or put a baby to sleep. This man is tiny and his huge heart barely fits into his chest. His one upper front teeth is slightly crooked which is adorable, his smile cures my depression and when he laughs his small eyes disappear. He watches cute animal videos if he is sad and loves pets. In conclusion; Jimin is the absolute definition of perfect from inside and out.
Taehyung: Omg look at that adorable kid feeding the homeless cat!

Jungkook: Wow, that’s such a Park Jimin thing to do.
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by Milkieee June 27, 2019
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Park jimin is the god and demon that can kill you any day he would like to. I mean uhhh he’s 22 years old “mochie” is his nickname. He is a living meme. If you don’t like him I don’t wanna talk to you . How can you not like him is the real question
Park jimin is mine now back the hell off!BEFORE I SNATCH YOUR WIG!!!
by Btsismine July 17, 2018
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1. Adorable
2. Sassy AF
3. A pabo
4. Ah excuse me?
5. Very talented
Quit acting like Park Jimin!!!
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by I_Purple_Suga-ssi March 16, 2020
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The most beautiful Fluffiest cutest squishiest creature on the earth. The grace and beauty this creature carry is beyond that your eyes and heart could carry... in reality he deserves the whole Universe and nothing less . This creature has the Sweetestheart and will make you go either "Aww" or "Daddy". Everyone is whipped for this creature from Jimmy fallen to millions of people. The true " you'll findo anyone like him ever again" guy
Synonyms : Mochi , someone who has Natural Blushed cheeks , lippy , someone who is soft looking, Park jimin is God
by Miss Clumsyass January 11, 2019
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the soulmate of someone called brooke who loves him very much, he is from BTS and he is the most amazing person around and keeps her happy all the time and will keep her happy for years to come
hey, park jimin is the most amazing man on the planet and your one and only, brooke
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by pjmspromise May 05, 2020
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A gorgeous angelic yet devilish man who traps the soul of young innocent people. he most likely winks or does a body-roll to capture the hearts of precious army.
Me:* searches man doing body-roll*
Still Me: Mom I'm Prego
Mom: Why?
ME: SOMEONE PARK JIMIN ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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by ANNERMR December 02, 2019
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t h e m o s t d i s r e s p e c t f u l g u y o n t h i s p l a n e t
p a r k j i m i n h a s b i a s w r e c k e d m e o n c e a g a i n

"mr. park jimin, you have been arrested for killing many people.."
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by j i m i n g o t n o j a m s December 04, 2019
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