You can't actually describe Park Jimin with words, but we do it anyway so why not. Park Jimin is an angel sent from above. He always thinks about everybody else before himself. He also has 2 personalities: 1) the cutest mochi ever. 2) the hottest guy that has ever existed. He wrecks the biaslist even though he is the bias. Once you jimIN you can't jimOUT.
He mesmerises everyone with his dance. Jimin is an absolute performer on stage, he just turns into someone else and blows everyones mind.


That is Park Jimin for you.
"Oh my god, who is that hot blonde guy!" -> "That is Park Jimin!""
"He wrecked my biaslist again!""

"Once you jimIN you can't jimOUT"
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by chimchimjimin January 08, 2020
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Park Jimin (in Korean 박지민) is a singer in the boy band, BTS. Born in Busan, South Korean on October 13th, 1995, Park Jimin- along with the other six members of BTS- have achieved stardom in both Korea and the west. BTS debuted on June 13th, 2013 under BigHit Entertainment. He is the third youngest in the group, and he is a vocalist and dancer. In earlier years of his life, he did martial arts and contemporary dance. He is known for his cute personality, his flirtatious behavior, and smile. Along with the BTS discography, Jimin has some solos such as Lie, Filter, and Serendipity. Watch out for the Jimin Effect ;).
Karl: Broski, who's that guy with the blonde hair.
Belizabeth: That's Park Jimin. My bias <3
Karl: What's he like.
Belizabeth: Awesome, beautiful, handsome. I'm in love.
Karl: Sounds like you love him more than me babe. haha
Belizabeth: I do.
Karl: haha- wait what D:
Belizabeth: Sorry, he's perfect. Don't feel bad, nobody can reach his level.
Karl: *cries in corner*
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by Krampus do be looking seggsy December 12, 2020
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On the serious side:
Park Jimin (stage name Jimin) is the 3rd youngest of the kpop (Korean pop) boy group BTS. Born October 13th, 1995. He is part of the Maknae-line. He is adored by many humans and living things, also fans of BTS and him, ARMYs.

On the fun side:
A little mochi.
A cute little bean.

Shipped with:
Mainly jungkook and Suga
One of the cutest and best people alive
Person 1: o m g Park Jimin is soooo hot!!!
Person 2: who tf is park Jimin?
Person 3: wait you don’t know..?!?

Person 1: He’s Jimin from BTS, Duhhhhhh
by BtScRaCkHeAd December 07, 2019
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A korean man that makes everyone die from his hotness.
Guy: Who is that?
Girl: Oh him?
Guy: Yea..
Girl: That’s Park Jimin. You never heard of him?
Guy: No but he’s kinda hot. *smirks*
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by K-Pop Bitch December 22, 2020
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The most cutest m̶a̶n̶ baby you'll ever EVER see. Park Jimin motivates people who adores the most. He is lovable and obviously HANDSOME.
Park Jimin- BTS Member
by squishpjm November 21, 2019
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