The old forgotten bastard child of monopoly. It is the second most expensive property on the board, yet no one will ever give a fuck about it because it's sister property, boardwalk, is that fucking awesome.
Player 1: Park Place! FUCK YEAH! I'll buy it.
Banker: calm down, it's only park place.
Player 2: 12.....AWESOME! BOARDWALK! I'll take it
Banker: Oh shit! everybody watch out!
Player 1: I hate you guys......
by imthatawesome October 19, 2010
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1)the word that can bring a smile on the most gorgeous face known to life
When i say parking place, emily's face lights up and radiates a feeling that only a smile from her can give.
by xdafexd December 31, 2005
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The Park Place Crew refers to the group of gentlement who live in the Cinnaminson neighborhood of Park Place. The "PPC" has existed for many years but was offically established in August 2005. Since that time, the PPC has grown into the most feared crew in Cinn City history. Known for its brother-hood and comradory, thousands world-wide align themselves with the PPC. However since it's inception, it has been impossible to offically join the eight person crew, consisiting of the six original members plus two associate members. They can be seen wearing baby blue and providing numerous services to the community.
"I fucked with The Park Place Crew and got my window punched out" - random short kid

"PPC made me cry" - some bitch

"Dude, I wouldn't go down to Acadia and Yellowstone without a knife" - a really smart fellow

"I wish i was invited to the annual HURRICANE"- everyone in Cinnaminson
by PPC spokesperson August 24, 2006
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The spot in Lville GA where all the cool people hang out...
Man, did you see all the park place people?
by MzHoLLiday May 3, 2009
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park place middle school is a place where u learn to talk shit over social media. threaten people ab beating their ass then acting like best friends, then you learn how to smoke weed and vape in the bathroom then have sexual contact in 6,7,and 8th grade. also learn how to be a loud mouth and tell everyone. a day later you will go somewhere with an administrator and "talk" then empty out your pockets and proceed to be searched. after that you have 2 weeks of in home suspension. go home to rich whit family and get a slap on the wrist.
you go to park place middle school? yeah i do lmao. i have popcorn lung aswell.
by ppmjunkie June 5, 2019
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Wannabee farmer who dresses like a gumba. Walks around Vernon Park Place in either overalls with no shirt or a peach colored polyester pants suit from the 80s. Sings Sinatra songs to all the college kids as he walks by them going to Tufanos, where he has actually banned from for drinking in the buff.
Vernon Park Place Gotti looks like a real momo in that outfit and his voice is horrible. I wish he would just stick to drinking and crawling home. Oh, Baboso!
by Denzel wendell March 14, 2019
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