15 definitions by Denzel wendell

A middle aged cranky man who gambles daily to see who he can offend with his political points of views all while hating everyone and the donkeys of the world.
This guy is out there shouting 45 all day and hating on the democrats. He’s such an angry Reno
by Denzel wendell March 6, 2019
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When a man puts his toupee on each day like he is flipping pancakes onto his head.
That guy must be flipping the muskrat onto his head each day right out of the center console of his car before work.
by Denzel wendell March 11, 2019
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A former DJ who is now a wannabe marathon runner. Walks with the Mitway Limp and his idol is JohnnyO.
I was listening to Ice Mike from the 1980s wheels of steel while running the Chicago Marathon even though I have the Mitway Limp. JohnnyO was on the sidelines vigorously cheering me on.
by Denzel wendell March 9, 2019
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To be looked at by your peers as a complete mushmellow when you cannot complete the simplest of chores in your profession. You are laughed at because while trying to complete these tasks your hands shake and lips quiver.
Pretty sure that guy felt frenzeled because of having to do his job. Did you see him he must have been shaking like that because O Dog gave him a reach around in the chocolate meat locker.
by Denzel wendell March 22, 2019
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A nickname given to any Police Officer who walks a beat and appears to be walking gingerly as if he has two loaves of bread under his feet. Also takes forever to get from point a to point b.
Look at that Johnny Loaves. He’s walking ever so gently like his feet are killing him.
by Denzel wendell March 6, 2019
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A real pain in the ass who does everything in his power to avoid doing the job he’s been paid to do. Sleeping, eating and annoying while at work are his specialties but he still gets the same benefits as all other coworkers.
Wow, that lazy dickball is a real johnnyO. Could you ever imagine being at work and sleeping with swollen feet up and waiting for the boss to let you go home.
by Denzel wendell March 7, 2019
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Mitway Limp

Employees of Midway Airport who after several months of working there miraculously obtain a limp form walking on the hard concrete floors in the concourse.
I’ve been working at Midway Airport for three months and I’ve got the Mitway Limp.
by Denzel wendell March 2, 2019
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