(1) in physiology, to have an unusually small gluteus maximus
(2) hips unable to bear children
(3) jaundice
(4) anorexia
(5) a person who is only attractive to another person (sexually or no) for their ability to dress like a skank and their daddy's money (pimp or biological)
(6) no intellectual ability whatsoever
(7) ex girlfriend of and ex boy band member
(8) someone who features prominently on internet porn
(9) a person who does not worry about money ie. i person who buys excessive amounts of designer labels in order to be fashionable
(10) what is affectionately known of as a pub skank, white hair, orange skin and pointy features and who wears skirts that double as belts and stillettos that drill holes in concrete floors...
(11) fucking annoying
She had a pair of paris hiltons, her first baby had a squashed head, her second had a bad case of paris hilton, and her third developed paris hilton syndrome in her teens. luckily she was a paris hilton, but some found her very fucking paris hilton
by tiny dancer July 04, 2004
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she ain't pretty. she is a squinty eyed skank.
paris hilton is so used, she has a crusty cunt from all the cum deposits.
by Katkins October 12, 2007
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A spoiled talentless skanky racist usless slut
Paris Hilton releases tapes not only showing the world how much of a slut she is but also ones showing that she is a racist cunt
by juiice February 02, 2007
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Even the toilet paper a person uses to wipe their @r$3 with is worth more than this ugly, disgusting, talentless slut. :

Beware of this hoe, she'll give ya 10 different STI's and HIV's.
P1: "Man, I gotta go to the loo."

P2: "Hey, who would you rather bang? Britney Spears or Paris Hilton?"

P3: "Ha, I'd rather lick a dog $#!+."

by Pink Converses June 12, 2007
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