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PARINAZ is a super hero.she is a cute,kindly and beautiful girl.She is a girl who is loved by everyone and she has lots of friends and loves all of her friends.Everyone likes to be friends with her and her friends likes to be her best friend.She is the encouregement for you and That one is with you that you can lean.If you have a PARINAZ in your life you are very lucky.Never lose she.
by Halley's Moon August 16, 2018
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A super hero who's only power is seducing the world with her eloquent words. Often heard saying things such as 'Bitch please', and moaning softly at her desk.
This girl just blew my mind...with her words...She must be a Parinaz
by Jbomb2104 October 01, 2010
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Like a pretty fairy, full of cute and sweetheart.

Kind and wonderful like the sea "It seems that water is flowing instead of blood in its veins."
She is a real lover, who sacrifices himself in her beloved way.

Her love is a boy from the Eriyan soil called Vahid, "An attractive man."

The love of Parinaz and Vahid will be recorded in history.
God has given Prinaz a gift & Put her name Parinaz
by Maysa96 August 16, 2018
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