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A badass girl who isn't scared of anything and often considered suicidal because of how small she is and how she picks fights with people who are bigger than her. She has a nice rack, a small yet cute butt, and is full of happiness and enthusiasm! When she falls for a man, she will stop at no cost to get him, but she would make a perfect girlfriend.
"Damn, did you see that Pari go by?"
"Yeah, she's so badass. I wish she had a crush on me!"
"Don't we all?"
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A really kind, caring girl who will try not to friendzone the absolute heck out of you. She's smart, intelligent, and really fun to be around! Tends to hang around with members if the opposite gender, because other girls piss her off. Really loves to read, and spends her life on the Internet chatting it up with people!
Paris is so nice!
I wish I could be Paris!
Man, I think I'm in love with Paris!
by Genericguy22 May 22, 2013
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A small-dog carrying female who has absolutely no musical talent, yet somehow (through the power of per$ua$ion) works with real musicians and releases songs anyways in pursuit of an imaginary musical career.

A Paris will compensate for her lack of musical ability by releasing sex tapes and going pantie-less when out clubbing. It works. The media loves reporting on sex tapes and the paparazzi loves shooting pantie-free miniskirts when Paris gets out of a car.
Have you heard about Paris' latest recording session? She threw a shitfit when the guitarist told her she is tone deaf! She called him a fag, kicked him in the balls, kicked her dog, slapped her boyfriend, threw furniture out the window, then stormed out of the studio!

That's hot.
by Von Man December 17, 2009
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A Paris is a beautiful young lady. Usually she is an extreme athlete. She is very funny and outgoing. All the boys want her! She never gives up and forgives easily. She is also very very smart. She is very loving and always want to help other people and the environment. She is super nice and always has a big beautiful smile.
Look at Paris, she so nice and really pretty. She's always the life of the party!
by italie October 08, 2016
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The most beautiful girl you will ever meet.She has a huge heart and is a people person.But if you get on her nerves she'll become a savage.Don't underestimate her she'll beat your ass
Paris is a beatiful girl
by Billy Saginsbon July 16, 2017
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A fun-loving person who doesn't care what anyone else thinks! Can be a bit annoying at some times but that is just part of who she is. Paris is a pretty girl who has a lot of friends and is the life of every party! Everyone loves Paris, you can't help it!
We all love Paris
by ksajksdh April 23, 2011
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angel/fairy...looked upto by certain people..e.g. a football head
that boooootiful thing flying in the sky is a pari
by Nikz May 19, 2004
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