A metal clip that holds paper together.
Chas. Manson: Son, what is that in your hand?

Son of Sam: It's a clipper that goes on paper.

Chas. Manson: You don't mean...

Son of Sam: Yes; it is a paper clip once carried into battle by George Washington. He used it to floss with since floss was $350.00 an ounce.

Chas. Manson: Damn!

Son of Sam: Did you know he could do a triple back-flip with a half-twist when he got good and drunk? He was tight, man.

Chas. Manson: I think you missed the Urban Dictionary point here: use 'paper clip' in a sentence.

Son of Sam: Prick.
by Richard Halliburton August 25, 2007
A strange mystical item that you find at school on the floor and pass to your friends between classes for no reason
Hey guys I still have the paper clip
by Isadaoverworkedbean March 11, 2020
A homosexual that likes to clip things to paper.
-"Ah, Jerry, I see you've been um...paper clipping, uh?"

-"Oh, yes Tom. I just love being a homosexual that clips things to paper."
by I ate a fish July 11, 2008
A promiscuous woman, one who is known for doing questionable things such as having sex with people they meet at tables in night clubs and gaining free entry to establishments for no other reason but to be decoration.

Synonyms: whore, slut, coke whore, boat slut, dirt, girl, woman
Damm this club has some high quality paper clips tonight!
by gym rat June 9, 2017
1. the annoying figure on microsoft word
2.a matal device for keeping papers together
3.a metal object that can be bent to make it hop
1. i hate the paperclip on microsoft word
2.i used a paper clip to keep my folders together
3. i made a paerclip hop and it poked someone in the eye
by Andrew October 2, 2004
a "paper clip" holds your shit together
duuudee pass me a "paper clip"..my papers are flying everywhere, they need to beheld" together
by peyperr chlip July 7, 2009
metal used for clippin shit
Hey, Cathy, hand me a paper clip. This shit needs clipping.
by Lexington March 8, 2005