A slang term used for a short weedman
Hey bro do you know anyone I can buy from? My papa smurf never answers my texts.
by The Smarty farty 420 January 23, 2022
When a girl is giving head and you shove it down her throat so hard that she can't breathe, then you plaster your white cum on her blue face and viola!!!! Its Papa Smurf!!!!
I pulled the ol' papa smurf on your mom the other night, your dad was laughing his ass off.
by Polar Bear December 6, 2004
A little blue fuck that likes to have his ass licked by bitches.
Papa Smurf, can I lick your ass?
Yeah, lick my ass, bitch!
by Tonysharp5643 October 6, 2010
when a cuck sends you a dick pick and you color it blue to pass around.
that one douche from twitch sent me a photo, so now he's a Papa Smurf
by MooPigRiot May 6, 2017
A wise and noble figure who sets very high standards.
Papa Smurf is very disappointed in Ted Shaw for being such a pussy
by LeaderofPJFGary July 23, 2011