A dance created by sage the Gemini, where you slowly grind on the air with both hands on the wall, very fun, and very ratchet.
We bout to do the panoramic everybody grab a wall!

Girl: Ew Becky look at her butt, she's doing the panoramic

Becky: how ratchet, but it looks fun.
by Closet ratchet girl December 14, 2013
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"Did you see Darby's selfie?"
"That's not a selfie. She's so big, that's a #panoramic!
by Ballzy The Medic April 15, 2014
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A large derriere, a la JLo
We saw JLo in that movie. It was widescreen, and we got a good view of her panoramic booty.
by thorin0724 May 21, 2005
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