Panopticon (n)

Translated as "All-seeing", Panopticon is a photographic term, first coined by UK based artist, Ruski. It is used to describe a particular style of 360° panoramic images, rendered in a stereographic projection, such that the entire scene surrounds a central vantage point.

The unique perspective generated is instantly recognisable, though can sometimes be mistaken for fish-eye images. Photographs from outside, appear like a little planet, wheras indoor scenes can be transformed with ceiling structures encircling the scene.

The term was inspired by the original use in prison design, where the cells, and the prisoners within, all surround and are visible from a single central spot.
"During the 27th Art of Norwich exhibition, Ruski coined the term "Panopticon", to describe a unique style of photography."

"Wow, look at that awesome panopticon photograph"
by Art of Norwich March 28, 2013
An old prison in which all the prisoners would never do anything bad having a sense a paranoia that someone is always watching them, it is called Panopticon
When you see a sign in the middle of the night that says "KEEP OFF GRASS!!" you stay away from it even though no one is near to see you it shows a sign that you have Panopticon
by uziman55 February 11, 2011
Pan-(all) -opticon(observe)

A design concept where all areas of an interior space are visible from any point outside the confined area. Also refers to a unique prison structure built by philosopher Jeremy Bentham, allowing guards unobstructed views of inmates, without inmates being aware that every area of the cell is monitored. Panopticon could be used in a metaphorical sense as vulnerable, revealing, voyeur, or in general to describe watching someone living in a glass house.
Panopticon is a word only a smug, ahole would use, and it's only seen in print - never spoken. "Words like deskussion, comflict, panopticon, ...only chi-chi men would use dem words." -A.G.

Sorry, bad example. Here's another example:

"The capsized men were stuck in a watery panopticon where sharks prey." -C.B.
by Cletus Brown July 31, 2006
A virtual panopticon is a world were everyone is monitored by a government or computer system that decides what we should eat, wear, fear and other task that we, the common people, otherwise take for granted.
See books by John Twelve Hawks as a most triumphant example. This deal with a virtual panopticon and how it could really come down to effecting people.
by Alexander Drummond October 22, 2008
Habits and behavior reflexively caused by the belief that one is being observed or when their actions will become known to another person.
If a stranger leaves a credit card in the room with you, you COULD write down all of its numbers and buy something with it, but you won't. Maybe because someone who would take offense to it is in the same room. Or there is a security camera in the room and someone on the other side will see it. Or the person who owns the card will notice less money in their account and find the address the package was sent to. You probably don't even know the specific reason beyond a strange tingling in the back of your neck warning you of the dangers of doing it. No matter the specific reason, they all fall under the Panopticon Effect.
by The Logical Fallacy October 3, 2022