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Something that happens every morning where the first thing people do(usually males) is take a piss
Bill-So what do you do every morning
Todd- I always wake up to a good morning piss
by uziman55 June 17, 2011

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A type of legal weed that is sold 1.5g at a time. Some of the best spice out their that is both effective and cheap. Must be 18 years or older to buy
Dan: Dude we need good cheap spice man
Trevor: Exactly man lets go get some Triple Black Diamond
by uziman55 June 16, 2011

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Someone who talks alot of shit over xbox live but will never say anything to you if you talk to them in real life
Man Josh talks so much shit over xbox
Ya because all he has is xbox live balls
ya i guess your right
by uziman55 January 29, 2011

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wether or not a joke and/or video is good enough to be put on tosh.0
hey dude check out this funny video of me and tom
dude this video is so toshable
by uziman55 February 08, 2011

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An old prison in which all the prisoners would never do anything bad having a sense a paranoia that someone is always watching them, it is called Panopticon
When you see a sign in the middle of the night that says "KEEP OFF GRASS!!" you stay away from it even though no one is near to see you it shows a sign that you have Panopticon
by uziman55 February 10, 2011

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