A person that’s of little value (12-14) that doesn't know anything about music except what's played on TV and is trying to seek out some sort of small stature in life; They are piss-weak and deserve to be fucking annihilated.
Panic at the disco fans are annoying twats that spend there mother's money on cds of pussy like n00b bands such as these.
by PuzzlePieces January 19, 2007
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To "panic one's disco":

An expression meaning 'pleasing', in a similar vein to 'float your boat'.

Derived from name of the pop-emo band Panic! At The Disco (who, in turn, got their name from a song of the same name by the band Name Taken). Since Panic! At The Disco's songs are so pleasing to listen to, something that is pleasing may be described as panicking your disco.
Does this music panic your disco?

She panics my disco.

This pancake is awesome! It really panics my disco.
by snozrap October 09, 2006
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A deregotary name for the emo-shite band Panic! At The Disco in which the "!" is read as "exclamation mark".

It originated from the trend of purposefully mispronouncing the pretentious names of shitty emo, NME and scene bands - in order to piss off their fans.

See also iforward russia exlclamation mark and Guile-mots.
uhhhh ohmygodzzzLOL panic exclamation mark at the disco are blates the best band evar....innit
by morgangills May 12, 2006
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you either love it, you hate it, you like their early stuff when there was actually a band or you only know that one song I Write Sins Not Tragedies
Person: Panic At The Disco is a really good band
Other person: oh god, they're so annoying
3rd person: I really like I Write Sins Not Tragedies
Person: is that their only song you know
3rd person: yeah
Person: ahhhhhh
by im a weird person June 27, 2019
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AKA "I'm a 14 year old girl and my parents hate me"
14 year old girl: "I love Panic! at the Disco!"

"Do your parents hate you?"

14 year old girl: "Yes, how did you know?'
by ni:b::b:er August 17, 2018
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Shittist band with no talent. Sara Miller stinks.
Yo, you know that Sara hoe... she listens to that shit band Panic! at the disco and genuinely likes it. LOL!
by Girls That Paint March 01, 2019
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Another way of saying Brendon Urie since 2015
Y’all keep saying using they/them pronouns with non-binary people is so hard when we all agreed to still call it Panic! at the Disco even though we all know it’s just Brendon Urie. Oh well hypocrisy.
by A noice sunflower June 12, 2019
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