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Short for Panchero's, it's the most badass Mexican restaurant on the face of the planet. Super fresh tortillas will make your head spin, and the smell of fresh guacamole might induce an orgasm. Warning though: overexposure to Panch will lead to a physical dependency and or addiction similar to that of crack cocaine or pornography.
1. "Dude you wanna get some Panch later?"

"Man, I've already had panch for lunch. Fuck it let's get some panch."
by Seanmo85 July 25, 2008
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n, adj
1) used to describe anything that tastes good with pineapples
2) a part of the body on a man that tastes good with pineapples typically thighs
Origin: Late Middle English (denoting a pine cone)
Tim: You know Betty, this salad is good with apples, but it's panches so you might want to toss that salad with pineapples.

Betty: Speaking of panches, I poured pineapple juice all over Norbert's hot creamy panches, and panches they were, for it was delicious but I got a desert sam while I was down there.
by 4 Bug October 10, 2006
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A punch with a twist of confidence and smug revelry.

Alternatives include paaanch or paaaaaaaaaaaanch depending of the level of accentuation required.
"This monkey was jiving me so I fixed his wagon with a panch"

"Man, I'm so sorry for denting your schvinkenvankan." "Paaaaaaanch!"
by Mr Fisty May 14, 2006
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Similar to punch, except it must be performed by someone possessing great power, such as a viking or ÜSKÜDAR.
In addition, a panch must either split the panchee in half lengthways, or cause the panchee to explode.
Collin: I'm listening to Kashmir right now.
Jami: oooh, i like that song :P
Collin: Who doesn't?
Jami: My sister.
Collin o_____0 She must be panched.
Jami: Mos def.

Brian: I panch you!
{Gory explosion noise}
by Tazar.The.Yoot October 06, 2008
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A term on endearment used to describe females. It is used in the same way girls call each other bitch, slut or ho, but with no degrading connotations.

A panch can be a girl who is very funny, or very annoying, or very sweet, or anything else.

A term of friendship and endearment used from one girl to describe another girl.
Look at Megan, what a little panch.

Hilorie you look so cute today, you panch.

Cassidy is breaking up with Brian today, what a panch.

Hey panch face! love you!
by janeP2 July 19, 2010
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Another word for Pussy. Created to be used in mixed company without detection.
Can also be pronounced "pain-ch" in which case all rhyming words should also be thusly pernounced "rain-ch"
Check out that chick's panch.
Fun to say repetitively and to rhyme.
"Pa-pa-pa-panch pa-panch panch panch"
"Panch with Ranch"
by Corboner June 28, 2006
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